Cyber Security Universe

Why is it very Important to understand the basics of Cyber Security?

Human has made this planet become critically dependent on internet, communications, transactions, social platform and everywhere, clearly our survival is dependent on infrastructure of integrated circuits, communication, computation and internet, but its security attribute are not manageable and result with non-protection of confidentiality and integrity of information, because a small change in 1s or 0s binary data generated from circuits could result in nuclear war-load blast and its damage could be catastrophic.

To build robust security among various components, it is inevitable to understand the fundamentals of the universe of cyber-security, currently cyber-security problem is not 100% solvable because of below theory:

I can connect = you can connect = so any one can connect

Currently most of the cyber-security protection works under backward-looking methodologies to with stand existing attack strategies to ensure system is not vulnerable, but AI, ML and DL could create fresh dynamic logic in identifying the new models of threat that may evolve in future, cyber-security is now more mathematical and physics involved to solve the complex digital world security created by humans.

Humans created this digital world, and it contains three main components like:

People Process Technology

and above said components are created and managed by humans, which means both bad and good guys exist in the above components.

Security in cyber-security is very complex and it cannot be eliminated but can be controlled to some extent because the predictability of threats are complex with various technology pieces like software, hardware, network, wireless, internet, IOT, sensors, mobile etc. We cannot expect a single person to master in all the technologies to address the security and protection software’s also have limitation towards each technology in identifying the threats and that is the reason on why so many levels of protection is enabled like firewall, application filtering, virus scanners, SIEM tools, network filtering, port filtering etc. Below this control, we have authentication protection from each technology devices and software and above them more process, standards created compliance and regulations. Despite all these controls, security is not 100% achievable.

Cyber-security is an ongoing process, and it involves each employee in the organization from top to bottom, the contractors, service providers, suppliers, buyers, customers and visitors. Unless the universe of cyber-security strategy is not in place, it will be difficult to manage the threats.

We in Clounomy help organization strategize cyber-security to monitor, protect, prevent and predict threats that emerge on zero day.

Prabakaran Ramachandran, an internationally experienced Cybersecurity and IIOT consultant, Prabakaran holds an Engineering and MBA degree, after which he worked in London helping clients across the world to provide Cyber security, Risk management, DRP, BCP & IIOT – services and solutions for all industry verticals. Prabakaran demonstrated his experience and skills to help corporate’s achieve business excellence by conducting audits on all technology verticals.

Prabakaran Ramachandran can be reached at


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