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IT Industry Challenges to fast-track Digital

Clounomy is a portmanteau of cloud, the booming frontier of the internet of things (IoT) era, and economy. Digital transformation is becoming a driving force for Industries to be globally competitive to fasten time to market products, services and enhance their end consumer experience. Hence, digital technologies are becoming the centre of this core transformations with high demand for skills, tools and solutions to help these Industries.

Clounomy aims to provide a solution for one of the biggest gaps to have arisen in the current market, the availability of good quality coders with digital skills and an end to end delivery platform at reasonable prices.

India has a lot of entrepreneurs from the SME/MSME sector who are often dissuaded from expanding into the e-commerce markets due to their lack of knowledge on how to approach software development. The prevailing notion that the best apps in the world are often developed outside our country also leads these people to approach vendors outside the country, only to be discouraged by their outlandish pricing models.

Clounomy aims to revolutionize this B2B marketplace by closing this gap and leaving both clients and vendors satisfied.

Clounomy's Path breaking Solution for

Unavailability of good quality coders
By assembling a bevy of freshers and experienced professionals for our Ecocoders platform, we have created a complete virtual delivery platform that requires minimal prompt on the client side.
Unaffordable pricing options
Through flexible pricing options and extensive list of alternatives to choose from, we intend to give more power to clients to choose from. Our AI powered matching algorithm allows clients to find the right kind of people to collaborate with the most ease
Lack of sufficient infrastructure
At Clounomy, we recognise that having the right kind of infrastructure makes a world of difference, and our plan to devote considerable amount of resources to continuously train people helps us retain both clients and vendors.
Lack of opportunities for networking
Clounomy believes that networking and the subsequent collaborations that arise from it can add value to the quality of work that is delivered to our clients. Our dedicated platform enables various coders to collaborate with people and share insights and foster a sense of community.
Dwindling opportunities for freshers
New graduates often find themselves in an uphill battle as they have to compete with both experienced people and big companies to acquire clients. With our AI-powered platform, we strive to resolve this by matching prospective clients with freshers who have the spark to prove themselves.

Uniqueness of our solution

Being a complete virtual delivery platform, Ecocoders, ensures end to end development and delivery of digital products in a manner that is unprecedented in the market. Our AI powered tools allows clients to obtain exact pricing and no manual interference. We are using our combined knowledge of cloud, SAP, AI and ML to structure platform and promote transparency, reliability, authenticity, and efficiency.

Business model and Approach

Our current business model will function on a commission basis, where in we collect a percentage of the fees charged to the clients. We realize monetization of any platform can be a tricky avenue and we are constantly looking out for other mediums to generate cash flow that does not disproportionately affect any of the parties. Our unique platform allows us to pursue various monetisation strategies without adversely affecting our business model.