How to Accelerate your Security Adoption in this new normal?

The customer experience is changing which drives businesses to adapt digital transformation resulting in data security challenges. Protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is the key concern in this digital transformation world. The information technology-related threats originating from or enabled by embedded chips, cloud, internet, computers, smartphones, social networks, and digital surveillance, cause severe damage to reputation of a corporate because of data loss.

Our cyber security consulting is designed to empower organizations to measure, analyze, develop, mitigate, and protect their data from internal and external threats, our below services can protect you from digital exploiting.
Align IT Security with your Business Strategy
Our consultancy will help to identify the gap in alignment and create robust IT security standards.
Ensure your cloud hosted applications are safe
We provide manual and automated penetration testing and code testing to ensure hosed application is safe.
Protect your and Customer data
Are your customers raving about their data privacy? Our risk analysis and remediation services will help turn your potential customers into loyal ones.
Comply with data regulation laws
$50+ millions hefty fine for not following data regulation laws, our services will identify the weakness and help you fix with controls.
Cyber protection for your IT infrastructure & applications
Our cyber security managed services can monitor, assess & protect your IT assets and applications 24x7x365 days for vulnerabilities.
Test your application tough to break by Hackers
We have 16,000+ vulnerabilities testing standards for your application that keeps Hackers hard to break-in.
Certification Audits
We conduct audits, provide risk assessment, close gaps and create documents to help organizations achieve certifications to meet their regulatory compliance

IT Policy & Standards
We help creating IT policy, because it provides notice of the expectations and guidelines to all who use and manage IT resources and services, so it must be protected include computing, networking, communications, application, and telecommunications systems, infrastructure, hardware, software, data, databases, personnel, procedures, physical facilities, cloud-based vendors, Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, and any related materials and services.
SIEM Managed Services
An holistic approach with log management, asset discovery, IDS, IPS, File integrity, cloud monitoring, incident response, vulnerability assessment, end to end protection for all ERP, CRM and custom applications hosted in private and cloud environment.
Cyber security revolves around three main pillars of People, Process and Technology and weakness in any of them results in exploitation.

Clounomy technologies understands the need of behavior based risk mitigation framework in all these three pillars in order to protect the digital information.

Clounomy invented Risk Assessment Based Behavior in Information Technology (RABBIT) framework to integrate behavior based methodologies in all three pillars individually and together.
Behavior change is the worst vulnerability in data security, which is not addressed by any tools, techniques or training in all three pillars combined.

How to Accelerate your Security Adoption in this new normal?

Today organizations use various methodologies to protect their digital information and minimize business risks:
1. Firewalls, virus scanners, SIEM, IDS, IPS and vulnerability scanner & detection tools.
2. Conduct internal audits, external audits with risk assessment specialists.
3. Implements compliance as per regulatory laws like GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX etc.
4. Implements standards like ISO, SOC etc.

Still every day we hear about many Fortune 100+ companies getting cyberattacks and losing their confidential information and their data available in black market for sale.

Why do these types of threats not be prevented or minimized in spite of all the methodologies used by organization?

1. Limited technical knowledge in defining and creating the roles & rules in their firewalls etc.
2. The auditors may not be fully aware of technological back-gate weakness.
3. Compliance enforces the protection but does not suggest how.
4. Standards cannot be forced to be followed and again it depends on audit.

What are the other options the organization should think about is Augmented Application Security (AAS), where the AAS use Data Science with Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL) in their application design stage or even after the application moves to production, which means the protection does not end with traditional way of roles, rules, profiles, access controls, segregation of duties and event logging.

In AAS, application behavior is coded with data science logic, which means the software components within the application are monitored and it will take action of stopping that service, malware spread and report the anomalies to the concern, Also the AAS logic is designed as per business logic and enforce compliance and prevent cyber attacks, it is self learning and keeps accommodating to new standards and behavior by informing the concerned.

Behavior change required in People Front

People are the most cause for all type of vulnerabilities and they need adequate and frequent training on how to use the IT assets effectively and efficiently. Corporate consists of IT and business users and they have different level of access to IT assets and these assets store organizations confidential data which needs to be secured.

Behavior change required in Process Front In most of the circumstances, process just talks about the guidelines of do’s and don’ts and steps involved in using the IT assets, but our framework additionally focus on behavior of Technology and People using the process and its more dynamic with everyone in the organization involved to make the assets safe and secure.

With Clounomy Technolgies, its assured that organization can achieve 99.9% protection from cyber threats.